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    Blake Shelton

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Tabbed by Chad Cantrell
Capo 1

     C                C/B
If I could , I would dare
         Am                      F
Feed your dreams and starve your fears
     C               C/B
If I could light the world
   Am                     F
we could sit and watch it burn
Dm                               G
We could fall asleep inside the glow
C                             C/B       Am   Am/G
So tell me what i gotta do to win you over
       F                                   D
You'll never have to wonder if you need another
    Am                                 Am/G         F
And everytime you reach for me you'll find a hand out

If i could take you in 
Feeeling deep beneath my skin
Then I could, slip away
With you as a poison in my veins
Idont wanna fall asleep alone
And wake up knowing i died without the one
Chorus 2x
If  I could, Iwould dare
Feed your dreams and starve your fears...
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