• Song:

    Playboys Of The Southwestern World

  • Artist:

    Blake Shelton

  • Album:

    The Dreamer

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This a song about best friends G5 C5 G5 D5 John Roy was boy I knew, since he was three and I was two G5 C5 D5 Grew up two little houses down from me G5 C5 G5 D5 The only two bad apples on our family tree, kind of ripened and rotted in our puberty G5 C5 D5 Two kindred spirits bound by destiny E5 C5 Well I was smart but I lacked ambition G5 D5 Johnny was wild with no inhibition G5 C5 D5 Was about like mixing fire and gasoline and he?d say G5 C5 G5 D5 G5 C5 Hey, Romeo lets go down to Mexico chase senoritas drink ourselves silly G5 D5 Show them Mexican girls a couple real hillbillies G5 C5 Got a pocket full of cash and an old ford truck, G5 D5 Fuzzy can hanging from the mirror for luck G5 C5 D5 Said don?t you know all those little brown-eyed girls D5 G5 1/ C5 G5 D5 Want playboys of the southwestern world 2/ C5 G5 D5 3. (see bottom ) G5 C5 G5 D5 Long around our eighteenth year we found two airplane tickets the hell outta here G5 C5 D5 Got scholarships to some small town school in Texas G5 C5 We learned to drink sangrias ?till the dawns early light G5 D5 Eat eggs ranchero and throw up all night G5 C5 D5 And tell those daddys girls we were majorin? in a rodeo E5 C5 Ah, but my favorite memory of school that fall G5 D5 Was the night John Roy came running down the hall G5 C5 D5 Wearin? nothing but cowboy boots and a big sombrero and he was yellin? E5 C5 G5 D5 And I said we had a little change in plans like when Paul McCartney got busted in japan G5 C5 D5 And I said we got waylaid when we set foot on Mexican soil (Slow down) G5 C5 You see the border guard with a Fu Manchu mustache G5 D5 Kind of stumbled on John?s pocket full of American cash G5 C5 D5 He said doing a little funny business in Mexico amigo E5 C5 But all I could think about was saving my own tail G5 D5 When he mentioned ten years in a Mexican jail G5 C5 D5 So I pointed at John Roy and said it?s all his now please let me go No chord I mean it was your idea genius I was just laying in bed when you said C5 G5 D5 3. Playboys of the southwestern world G5 C5 G5 D5 G5 Ah, we?re still best friends, temporary cellmates Outro: Beginning riff
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