• Song:

    Gypsy Wild

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

  • Album:

    The Band Plays On

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Intro A5  E5  G5  D5  E5 
A5                   E5 
Roll with the river, go with the flow 
G5                            D5 
That?s the way I was taught, all I was supposed to know 
A5                      E5 
Then the hard rain came and the muddy water flowed 
G5             D5 
Over the banks out of control 
        A5           E5 
Runnin' gypsy wild, runnin' free 
Gypsy wild, ain't no stoppin' me 
A5                 E5 
Gypsy wild, I'm a rebel child 
         F#5    D5                   A5 
Carryin' on and on, I keep carryin' on  
This ragin' white water suits me fine 
The freedom's sweet like gypsy wine 
I bless the hard rain that came to free my soul 
On my way to the Gulf of Mexico 
Chorus 3 times
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