• Song:

    Laughing Right Out Loud

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

  • Album:


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Harmonmica/Fiddle intro 

G  B7  C  D  D/C  D/B  D/A 
Don't I know you from the time before 
I think I saw you in the country store 
Buying food for the family 
          D    D/C D/B  D/A 
You never knew all that well 
She had a sadness I could not place 
She had such a pretty Southern face 
And I knew she'd walk out 
        D  D/C    D/B  D/A          G 
Leaving me with a heart I could not sell 
Chorus 1: 
Em                   C   
But you can feel the summertime 
G                D 
Getting high on screwtop wine 
C             G  
Trying not to spin 
    D                  G 
And laughing right out loud 
See the black man sitting there 
Sitting in the rocking chair 
He plays the blues 
People throw coins his way 
In some ways I'm a lot like him 
Singin' about what might have been 
Laugh and love, cry and wish 
But tomorrow, it's another day 
Chorus 2: 
It's the cold time of the year 
Sit and drink your bottled beer 
Talking to your friends 
They're laughing right out loud 
I remember when I learned to run 
The day sets on my daddys son 
I let this music take me 
Far from this crowd 
So when you think about the days of old 
Listen to that Hill Country Gold 
Hold onto love 
Keep on laughing, right out loud 
Chorus 1
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