• Song:

    Live Oak Lullaby

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

  • Album:


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Am                      G        D                       Am 
I'm looking out towards the highway, searching for something more 
  Am                    G                       D                     Am 
I can't figure out what I'm gonna find, I don't know what I'm looking for 
    Am                 G     D                    Am 
But you're my southern lady, never gonna leave my side 
Am                          G                       D                 Am 
Hop in the truck, give me a kiss for luck because tonight we're gonna ride 
We can settle down on the gulf shore, spread our lives out on the bay 

Sit out on the porch all night, make love all through the day 

Our neighbors are gonna hate us, they'll hear us all night long 

Say we're too damn loud but it's you and me now, I don't want to be right if it's wrong 

F               G            Am 
We'll drink champagne to the new life 
F              G                      Am 
We?ll Trick or treat in the middle of May 
F              G             C   C/B     Am 
I'll buy you a ring from the carnival machine 
F            G                  Am   
We?ll take a trip through Santa Fe 
F           G               Am 
And when we get back we can feel that wind blow 
F      G                Am 
Listen to the songbirds cry 
F            G               C    C/B Am 
We?ll sit outside, we?ll get lost in  us 
F    G             Am  
To a live oak lullaby  
Our friends say that we're crazy cause that highway is so dark 
How do we know where it's gonna end if we don't know where to start 
But our love has been through more than anybody knows 
Scream it out, roll your windows down, we've got a hundred more miles to go 
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