• Song:

    Stripes On My Back

  • Artist:

    Bleu Edmondson

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D  A  D 

D  A  D 
Well them 4 walls of Raiford are closing in on me 
     A                             D 
Doin 3-5 hard labor for armed robbery 
I have 2 years behind me, I could not wait the time 
      A                                               D 
Every time I thought about it well I died some more inside 
And I had stripes on my back and memories that hurt 
    A                                           D 
The only time I seen sunshine is when I went to work 
Diggin' ditches for the chain gang, sleepin' the hole 
   A                                                 D 
Oh Lord please forgive me for I could not wait for parole 

              G                    D 
And I'm comin home to see Jesus, I feel so close this time 
            A                                           D 
Please take mercy on a soldier from the Florida/Georgia line 
          G                               D  
When they find me they must kill me, Lord Jesus, save my soul 
        A                                             D 
I can't go back down to Raiford, I can't take that anymore  
Well these last few years behind me, Oh Lord have been so sad 
I fought proudly for my country when the times were bad 
But now they say I'm guilty and when they find me I must die 
Only me and Jesus know I never stole a dime 
Well when Vietnam was over there was no work here for me 
I had a pretty wife a-waitin' and 2 kids I had to feed 
Well I'm one of America's heroes and when they shoot me down 
Won't you fly Old Glory proudly, put my medals in the ground 
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