• Song:

    Nowhere Lullabye

  • Artist:

    Built To Spill

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                             NOWHERE LULLABY – Built to Spill
Tabbed by: Benson
Email: dontcallmebenny@hotmail.com

Track 3 of the great new album There Is No Enemy. Use some light tremolo and 
arpeggiate the verse chords or just strum along!

C                                   Am         G
Well the stakes of the game seemed fine
C                               Am            G  
'Till you lost after all this time
C               Am       G
Has to make you cry
C                                 Am          G
But you don't and you don't know why
Dm               Am           G  
Trying not to solve this
Dm                          Am           G 
Doesn't mean it's not that bad
And everyone gets through the night
F                           C
And everyone wakes up all night
And the fear you feel will pass
F                           C
Then a calmness that will last
Em                          F
We will learn to drift off fast
C                    Am      G
Another nowhere lullaby
C                       Am      G
You can rest or you can try 
F                 G          Am
And this waste it shines in every way
F                  Am         G
And this waste it shines in every way

The whole thing repeats after the solo, which is in Am/Cmajor

End on C
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