• Song:

    Industrial Disease

  • Artist:

    Dire Straits

  • Album:

    Love Over Gold (Remaste...

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From: tzitron@loria.fr (Vincent Tzitron)
Subject: CRD : Industrial disease (Dire Straits)

Someone asked for it last week ... Sorry, I have no time to write
the complete lyrics.

Start with | A | 

then 4 times | D| (xx0232@1)E| (022100@1)G| (320003@1)D| (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm | A| (x02220@1) |  |

AWarning (x02220@1)lights are flashing down ...

              D (xx0232@1)
... there's a meeting in the boardroom ...

            A (x02220@1)                                         D... (xx0232@1)there's leaking in the washroom, there's a sneak in personnel,

E (022100@1)                                            DSomewhere (xx0232@1)in the corridor someone was heard to sneeze

A (x02220@1)Goodness me this could be industrial disease

(Each instrumental part is played like the intro)


5 times | A| (x02220@1) | E| (022100@1)G| (320003@1)D| (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm | A| (x02220@1) |

end with | A |

	- Vincent Tzitron - tzitron@loria.fr -

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