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Em, D, C
Em, D, Em

Em, D7
H7, C, D
Em, D, C, G
D, Em, H7

G, D, G, D (xx0232@1)
C, D, C, D (xx0232@1)
G, D, G, D (xx0232@1)
C, D, C, H7 

G, Em, C, D
G, Em, Hm, D, H7
Em, C, G, D
Em, C, G, H7
Em, D, C, D, E

C, Hm, Em, D, C
Hm, Em, D, G
F#, H

Em, D, C
Em, H7, Em

He was named nineteenhundred 'TD' 
in the ship`s belly lies his cradle 
had no birthday and no land of home 
the ocean has no bounds 
virginian sounds 
and he faced the world from inside 
the ball-room of splendid skies 
and on the grand piano 
his hands light as butterflies 
he played for the rich and for the poor 
thrilling the hearts of all 
the world could have been beneath his feet 
searching the call 
the voice of the sea 

old chandelier tells a story 
old piano still echoes in here 
old ship lies rusted in the port 
and the best years fade away 
the splendour has gone 
not what he saw could hold him back 
it was what he didn`t see 
there was no end in this town 
keys so eternally 
but this was god`s piano 
he heard on the gangway there 
he couldn`t leave forever 
the sea to somewhere 

bow and stern 
all the wishes between 
(wishes to yearn) 
the world outside is a dream 
(a lone dream, lone dream) 
and when the whole world`s leaving 
the music will always stay 
and if a story`s worth to tell 
the end will be far away 
the final notes lie mute upon the sand 

when land is a ship too big 
a woman out of reach 
a journey too far 
a whiff too strong 
he didn`t exist for anyone 


and in this lonesome end 
final notes lie mute upon the sand

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