• Song:

    Last Song

  • Artist:

    Edward Bear

  • Album:


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         G (320003@1)                                    Am (x02210@1)                  
Did you know I go to sleep and leave the lights on
        Bm (x24432@1)                              AmHoping (x02210@1)you'd come by and know that I was home and still awake
          G (320003@1)                     AmBut (x02210@1)two years go by and still my light's on
         Bm (x24432@1)                           C (x32010@1)            DThis (xx0232@1)is hard for me to say but this is all that I can take


C (x32010@1)       G (320003@1)                 AmIt's (x02210@1)the last song I'll ever write for you
          Bm (x24432@1)      
It's the last time that I'll tell you
          AmJust (x02210@1)how much I really care
             G (320003@1)                 AmThis (x02210@1)is the last song I'll ever sing for you
              BmYou'll (x24432@1)come looking for the light
C (x32010@1)               DAnd (xx0232@1)it won't be there
C (x32010@1)    G (320003@1) Am7But (x02010@1)I love you
          GOh (320003@1)yes I do
      AmYes (x02210@1)I do

Verse 2
          G (320003@1)                                  AmAll (x02210@1)the times that I spent waiting wondering where you are
        Bm (x24432@1)                                  AmAlways (x02210@1)knew the time would come when I would start to wonder why
         G (320003@1)                       AmNow (x02210@1)the time is here I don't know where you are
          Bm (x24432@1)                                C (x32010@1)                 DSo (xx0232@1)I'll write you one more song but it's the last time that I'll try

Repeat Chorus

C (x32010@1)       G (320003@1)                 AmIt's (x02210@1)the last song I'll ever write for you (x4)


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