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Didnt say it on the internet. 
Its the chord sequence, but if you would like to sound it awesome,
just pick the B, G and A strings or something.

Eb : 668886
Bb : 688766 
Ab : 466544
Gm : 355333
Cm : 335543
F: : 133211 
Em : 022000

So basically its:

Eb - Bb - Ab - Gm - Cm and then really fast back to Eb - Bb - Ab 
Eb- (x43121@3)Bb- (x1333x@1)Ab- (xx1114@1)Gm- (355333@1)Cm- (x3101x@1)Gm- (355333@1)F- (133211@1)Em (022000@1)thats it, try to 0h1 at the B string when playing the F chord.
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