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    Spectacular Girl

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    Spectacular Girl

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Artist: Eels
Song: Spectacular Girl
Album: Tomorrow Morning
Tabbed by: Don Tago
Email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
Am: 002210
Bb: 1133--
C:  032010
D:  000232
Em: 022000
F:  122311

Intro: [F - Em - Am - D] x2

Verse 1:
F (133211@1)       Em (022000@1)            Am (x02210@1)   DShe's (xx0232@1)got her life living in her heart
F (133211@1)       Em (022000@1)            Am (x02210@1)       DShe's (xx0232@1)got these eyes well where do I start?
F (133211@1)          Em (022000@1)   Am (x02210@1)       DLike (xx0232@1)looking at the deep night sky
F (133211@1)     Em (022000@1)     Am (x02210@1)     DSo (xx0232@1)many worlds inside her eyes
        Bb (x1333x@1)C (x32010@1)F (133211@1)              Bb (x1333x@1)C (x32010@1)F (133211@1)Em (022000@1)Am (x02210@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
She's a          spectacular girl

Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords]
Part of the job of being a man
Is knowing when to let go of her hand
A kind of power it can't be reined in
To hold her back would be a sin
She's a spectacular girl

Interlude: [F - Em - Am - D] x4

Verse 3: [use verse 1 chords]
She sees the beauty in things we all miss
All good things are to find by the kiss
If you feeling like you can't believe
Well then how do you explain the miracle I see
She's a spectacular girl
Spectacular girl

Verse 4: [use verse 1 chords]
Not a desire and not a need
somethings just happen because they have to be
I'm gonna get there, I'm telling you sir
I'm a man on a mission and I'm all about her
She's a spectacular girl
Spectacular girl

Outro: [F - Em - Am - D] until fade out
Oh yeah, My love
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