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Love this song. I find it easier to sing along without the capo.
E 022100 or 0 14 14 13 0 0 (mess around with these two)
E/A 077600   
E/B 099800

To play along with the CD Capo 1st Fret

EDrinking (022100@1)in the morning sun
E/ABlinking (002100@1)in the morning sun 
E/BShaking (443121@4)off the heavy one 
E/AHeavy (002100@1)like a loaded gun

EWhat (022100@1)made me behave that way?
Using words I never say 
E/BI (443121@4)can only think it must be love 
E/AOh, (002100@1)anyway 
E/A (002100@1)                         EIt's (022100@1)looking like a beautiful day 

ESomeone (022100@1)tell me how I feel 
E/AIt's (002100@1)silly wrong but vivid right 
E/BOh, (443121@4)kiss me like the final meal 
E/AYeah, (002100@1)kiss me like we die tonight 

ECause (022100@1)holy cow I love your eyes 
E/AAnd (002100@1)only now I see the light 
EYeah (022100@1)Lying with me half-awake 
E/AOh, (002100@1)anyway 
E/A (002100@1)                         EIt's (022100@1)looking like a beautiful day 

(Same as 1st verse)
When my face 
Is chamois-creased 
If you think 
I'll wink, I did 
Laugh politely 
At repeats 
Yeah, kiss me 
When my lips are thin 

Cause holy cow 
I love your eyes 
And only now 
I see you like 
Yeah, lying with me 
Stumbling over 
What to say 
Well, anyway 
It's looking 
Like a beautiful day 

E (022100@1)                     E/BSo (443121@4)throw those curtains wide
One day like this 
E/A (002100@1)           EA (022100@1)year'd see me right  

Enjoy. Please post any comments or corrections.

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