• Song:

    Above The Clouds

  • Artist:

    Electric Light Orchestra

  • Album:

    "A New World Record"

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Fm                      Fm7
All in the heat of the night
Fm                           C#7
Well when things ain't going right
C7-9                            Fm
No no no no no no no you will remember me

I came along to see your face,
But the only thing I got from you,
    G                Cm
Was telling me it's fantasy,
That you would always be with me,

I can tell you that it's true
(i can tell you that it's true yes it is true)
Ebm7-5      Dm
I'm waiting here,
          G                  G7          
But it's all right yes it's alright
It's alright with me,
      Eb               F   
You better believe me now.

I guess it's like a mountain side,
You gotta climb it to the top,
Floating in a sea of dreams
The only thing that you can see
Is the view above the clouds.
I'm waiting here,
But it's alright,
Still it's alright with me,
You better believe me now.
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