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It's not perfect... but no one had done a tab yet and I thought this was pretty close.

Standard Tuning


B: 7-9-9-8-7-7 (sometimes hammer on and off the 7 on low E)
  E: 12-14-14-13-0-0
G#m: 4-6-6-4-4-4
 F#: 2-4-4-3-2-2

Intro: B-E-B-E

B (x2444x@1)       ETell (022100@1)the man who repairs the wings for angels
             B (x2444x@1)                                 EThat (022100@1)one has fallen among the mortals on Bleeker Street
         B (x2444x@1)       EI (022100@1)lent a hand, she looked up at the steeples
         B (x2444x@1)                                     EAs (022100@1)if to blame them for the pavement beneath her feet
          G#m (133111@4)                               EShe (022100@1)said, "I never much liked flying, but the job requires trying 
    G#m (133111@4)                                 EThe (022100@1)hard part's avoiding buildings and concrete"

B (x2444x@1)                     ESpread (022100@1)the news, 'cause there's an angel in Manhattan
             B (x2444x@1)                          ECall (022100@1)out the paparazzi and the television crews
               BLet (x2444x@1)the people choose 
        EWould (022100@1)a little Faith come to harm them?
          B (x2444x@1)                                EPrint (022100@1)the headlines up in the New York Daily News
            G#mIt (133111@4)was just another day
     ELike (022100@1)any other, other day
              BA (x2444x@1)Tuesday afternoon
I hailed a cab, a crowd gathered as it pulled beside us
And somebody tore at her wings, but I helped her safely inside
"I'm much obliged," she said, but the driver he looked shaken
He said, "You're fakin', lady, who's taking who for a ride"
But then we floated up over the traffic, she turned the radio to static,
And she sang to him in Billy Holiday's sweet voice

Spread the news, 'cause there's an angel in Manhattan
Call out the paparazzi and the the television crews
Hey if you choose 
Would a little Faith come to harm you?
Print the headlines up in the New York Daily News
It was just another day
What will the mayor say?
      B (x2444x@1)            E"Good (022100@1)afternoon.
         B (x2444x@1)         EOh, (022100@1)good afternoon."

F#We (244322@1)flew down the length of Fifth Avenue
              G#m (133111@4)                         EShe (022100@1)threw out miracles, it was a hysterical ride
                                        F#And (244322@1)if the crowd on the sidewalk looked skeptical
    G#m (133111@4)                                    EShe (022100@1)took the blue right out of their cynical eyes
                      F#"It's (244322@1)all in what you feel inside"

She shook the mayor's hand, and he declared
That he'd hold a press conference,
The fans and protesters blocked the stairs to city hall
"I'd like to thank you all," he said
And when she stepped before the cameras 
It felt like a trial, but she smiled as the questions were called,
"What do you say to detractors, who claim you're just some actor?"

She said, "The question here, is 'Do I believe in you?'"
It was just another day
Like any other, other day

Spread the news, I saw an an angel fly from Manhattan
In front of paparazzi, in front of television crews
And me I choose 
I know a little Faith wouldn't harm me
Despite what they print in the New York Daily News

It was just another day
Like any other, other day
Like any day
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