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Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - The Media

A* = A/E = 2400
D* = A/D = 2250
Dm = A/D/F = 2210
G  = B/D/G = 0232
[numbers indicate fingerings on a standard GCEA-tuned ukulele]

A*                                                D*
Every second of every minute, every hour of every day
The babblers work at building Babel; listen to what they say
                                                                   DmReading (xx0231@1)the news and feeding their views to the minds of a captive nation
                                          G (320003@1)   A* 
Blending fact and fantasy: the official interpretation

A*                                                 D*
Every night in a billion rooms a billion minds are fed
On a diet of pre-digested pap prepared by talking heads
                                                          DmOpinion-makers, (xx0231@1)phonies and fakers, talking to earn their pay
                                                  G (320003@1)    A*
Gazing out of their plastic world and talking our lives away

A*                                                  D*
Every time that a working man or woman demand their rights
The talking machine works overtime to prove that black is white
                                                        DmStrikers (xx0231@1)are traitors, paid agitators; miners are surly brutes
                                                       G (320003@1)        A*
But don't let the viewers see the coppers teaching 'em with their boots

A*                                                 D*
Every day the smooth-faced pundits forecast on the box
The miners' strike was lost they said and Scargill on the rocks
                                                       DmLies, (xx0231@1)defamation, misinformation, that was the testing time
                                                           G (320003@1)   A*
He kept faith with the men who elected him - and that is a major crime

A*                                                    D*
Every time there's a striking Pole, the lads at the BBC
And the Thatcher mob weep crocodile tears: "Hurrah for Democracy"
                                                           DmThe (xx0231@1)Sun and the Mail both joyfully hail the Poles' solidarity
                                                 G (320003@1)       A*
Let British workers go on strike, they sing in a different key

Dm (xx0231@1)                                          G (320003@1)     A*
For solidarity's good for Poles - but not for you and me
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