• Song:

    Lady Come Down

  • Artist:

    Importance Of Being Earnest

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Verse 1
G5             A5       C5      D5
The western wind is blowing fair
G5           A5     C5    D5
Across the dark Aegean Sea
G5           A5      C5      D5
And at the secret marble stair
G5           E5     C5    D5
My Tyrian galley waits for thee

B5                    E5
Come down the purple sail is spread
C5                      D5
The watchman sleeps within the town
B5                    E5
Oh leave thy lily flowerbed
C5                   D5
Oh lady mine, come down

      G5   A5    C5
Come down
D5         G5   A5  C5  D5
Lady come down
      G5   A5   C5
Come down
D5         G5   A5  C5  
Lady come down
D5         G5   A5  C5    Cm(Hold this one for a while, play 1st time only.)
Lady come down

Verse 2 (same chords)

She will not come I know her well

Of lover's vows she hath no care

And little good a man can tell

Of one so cruel and so fair


True love is but a woman's toy

They never know their lover's pain

And I who loved as loves a boy

Must love in vain

Must love in vain

Chorus 2X


strum C5 , C5 , end on G5
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