• Song:

    Only For The Weak

  • Artist:

    In Flames

  • Album:

    Live in Jonkoping

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/Intro: Em A C D

Em                       G
I can't tolerate your sadness
Em                        B
Cause it's me you are drowning (You're drowning me)
Em                            G
I won't allow (allow) any happiness
Em                    B
Cause everytime you laugh, I feel so ...
Em     G              B          C D
                so guilty (guilty)
Em         G           B       C D
        I feel so guilty

C        Em       G       D          C
        Am I forced to have any regret
       Em       G   D              C
I've become the lie, beautiful and free
      Em             G        D           C
In my righteous own mind, I adore and preach 
Em      G          D
the insanity you gave to me

Em   A  C              D
   Oh, sell me the infection 
Em   A  C              D
  it is only for the weak
Em   A  C              D
    No need for a sympathy 
Em   A  C              D
    the misery that is me

I've lost the ability to paint the clouds
Cause it's me you're draining (You're draining me)
I'm stuck in this slow-motion dark tale
Cause every time you run, I fall (fall).. behind (behind)
I fall behind

And so I hear my voice again
The tale of the bitter man there I am
Shake the silence and hear what it says
The tranquil pride that become the lie

Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
No need for a sympathy, the misery that is me
Sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
On bleeding knees, oh, I accept my fate
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