• Song:

    Daddys All Gone

  • Artist:

    Indigo Girls

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{ D Am7 
means slide from 
D down to Am7 , 
with the speed of a hammer-on} 
G - Am7   G/B - C   D - D Am7       G - Am7   G/B - C   D - D Am7 

G         Am7                 D     
   Well I don't have much to say 
G              Am7            D     
   Thought I'd call you up anyway 
G          Am7                  D     B7            Em     
   Just to try and tell you the way that I feel today 
      F             C 
Oh, I miss you baby 
Well, I sure am on the road 

I don't need to say much more 

I'm just the same old well known stranger that I was before 

Seems like yesterday now 

G   Am7          D       
   Daddy's all gone 
G            Am7      D       
   He's just halfway home 
G           Am7               D      B7          Em      
   But he's hanging on to the telephone, singing please 
      F               C 
Don't let the show go on 
Am7  G/B  C  D 
{instrumental, double time from the other chords} 
There's a bus every other hour 
Even a midnight train 
But that don't leave me the power to see your face again 
It's not that simple anymore 
See there's a room full of smiling faces 
There's a man standing by the door 
He says its time we change our places and get down on the floor 
I'd like to kill him baby oh oh no now 
Daddy's all gone 
He's just halfway home 
He's hanging on to the microphone, singing please 
Don't let the show go on
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