• Song:

    Second Time Around

  • Artist:

    Indigo Girls

  • Album:

    Poseidon And The Bitter...

No Capo. Standard Tuning
this song is taken from the album "Poseidon & The Bitter Bug)
all the chords are one whole measure. it's pretty easy to play.
all the verses have the same chords.

G - C (x4) listen to the song for the G - C strumming

G                        C            G           C  
The second time around, you know it really got me down. 
G                   C           G              C
Sister don't you judge it, just keep it to yourself now. And
D                                      C                   G
If you ain't got nothing good to say, don't say nothing at all. 

I go bitten by the bitter bug, and now I just can't get enough 
Of ill will and my own conceit. I'm weary of the world it seems. 
I'm weary of the world, weary of the world it seems. 

G - C (x2)    D - C    D4 - C

It's sort of always gone my way. I'm just a little bit off these 
Days. Like I've had hard knocks all my life, like I'm a Bible 
Belt wife. Like I didn't see it coming, like I didn't walk it 

See, I never want to sing again. La la la like a butterfly. 
Without my wits about me, without my heart in line. 
Third time's a charm and this mine. 

You said you heard Loretta sing and felt the loneliness 
Seeping in. The cowboys made you uneasy, you're a 
God-fearing lesbian. So you learn not to yearn and you 
Take it on the chin again. 

Here's what I find about compromise-Don't do it if it 
Hurts inside, cause either way you're screwed, eventually 
You'll find. You may as well feel good; you may as well 
Have some pride. 

Come August we'll go to Cherokee and hear Loretta do 
Her thing. Pack it into the Indian casino and make the 
Hillbilly scene, kick up our heels and join in. 

Are you my ally or my enemy? Do you have 
Self-loathing or empathy? Can you keep me in your prayers 
Sister. Can you keep me in there somewhere? And 
Sister if you ain't go nothing good to say:don't say 
Nothing at all.
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