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E5 //// B/ A/

The same rhythm runs through the intro and verses 


E5                  B5        A5        E5            B5             A5     E5  
Morning, it's another pure, grey morning, Don't know what the day is holding 

       B5        A5          E5                  B5          A5        E5
when i get uptight and i walk right into the path of a lightning bolt.

Sirens of an ambulance comes howling right through the centre of town 
and no one blinks an eye and i look up to the sky in the path of a lighting bolt.

Met her at the as the angels parted for her, but she only brought me touture but
that's what happens when it's you who's standing in the path of a ligthning bolt.


A5                                                            E5
Everyone i see just wants to walk with gritted teeth but i just stand by and
i wait my time they say you gotta tow the line they want the water not the
                 E5                B5                  A5
wine but when i see the signs i jump on that lightning bolt.


Chances, people tell you not to take chances, when they tell you there aren't any
answers and i was starting to agree but i awoke suddenly in the path of a lightning bolt.

Fortune, people talking all about fortune do you make it or does it just call you.
In the blinking of an eye just another passerby in the path of a lightning bolt.


It was silent, i was laying back gazing skyward when the moment got shattered
i remebered what you said and then she fled in the path of a lightning bolt
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