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Verse 1
G5        D5 B5 A5              G5              D5 B5 A5
She rolled in                 in my little sandy town
She spent the summer there    a couple houses down
There was magic in the air    when she caught my eye
We shared three short months  and one long goodbye


G5                 D5 B5 A5             G5                 D5 B5  A5
She was the one that got away     That one that broke my heart
I shoulda never let go            I shoulda begged her to stay
Yeah the one that got away

Verse 2
G5        D5 B5  A5                  G5                 D5 B5 A5
She kissed my lips                 Down on Ocean Drive
Set my world on fire               On the forth of July
We wrote our names in the sand     Under a star soaked sky
But they washed away like she did  With the rising tide


G5                                       A5
Now every summer that rolls around     I'm looking over my shoulder
Wishing I can see her face             Wishing I could hold her

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