• Song:

    The Lodger

  • Artist:

    Jake Thackray

  • Album:

    HMV Easy - Jake Thackra...

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A5                           E5
My landlady had three lovely daughters.
       E5                               A5
They used to come and make my bed each day
     A5                               E5
They used to come and clean my living quarters,
          E5                                  A5
But their mother made quite sure they didn't stay.
There was Mary: she seemed chary;
          C5                                E5
There was Helen: she seemed well and truly sceptical 
about my qualities;
          F5                         C5
There was Julie: she was truly well-proportioned, but her 
                E5                       A5
Caution Brought exhaustion on my aching arteries.

          A5                           E5
But I was wrong: they weren't at all impervious
       E5                        A5 
To the possibilities of high romance -
      A5                       E5
And I sensed a certain girlish nerviness
       E5                         A5
In the way they folded my pyjama pants.
And I was right, for late one night
Sweet little Mary, like a fairy,
         E5                               A5
As I lay sleeping, came a-creeping to my side.
        F5                                 C5
She was mine: it was divine - but we were doomed, for very soon
         E5                               A5
Into the room came sister Helen, and she cried:

  A5          D5     E5        A5
"Mary, go to bed!" Off Mary went.
      A5                 D5      E5              A5
"Now, young man," Helen said, "for your punishment,
  A5                D5         E5              A5
"We mustn't have a fight, we mustn't make a row:
  A5           D5       E5            A5
"Turn off the light - it's my turn now!"

      A5                                  E5
Well, after all, I'm young and relatively vigorous,
    E5                         A5
And though I still protest my innocence,
   A5                            E5
By temperament I'm strictly un-polygamous,
         E5                        A5
And if I sinned, I sinned in self-defence.
        F5                             C5
Nevertheless I must confess I wouldn't miss that 
        E5                                      A5
sort of bliss And when it ended I was rendered comatose.
      F5                                C5
When, loud and clear, very near, in my ear a loud 
                 E5                         A5        
voice spoke  And I was awoken from my post-coital doze.

  A5           D5     E5           A5
"Helen, go to bed!" Helen went away.
      A5                 D5       E5               A5
"Now, young man," Julie said, "you will have to pay!
A5                D5          E5                A5
"You've blighted Helen's charms, filched her purity.
A5        D5       E5            A5
"Open up your arms - come and filch me!"

      A5                        E5
I was amazed, and really rather tired;
  E5                                  A5               
I thought I'd given all that I could give.
    A5                         E5
A little kip was all that I desired,
        E5                            A5
But I'm British, so my upper lip was stiff.
        F5                       C5       
She was chaotic, idiotic, quite exotic and ecstatic,
    E5                      A5
Acrobatic and emphatically fine.
       F5                                 C5
All to no good, for when I could open my eyes, to my 
           E5                             A5
surprise I found her mother looking into mine.

  A5           D5     E5              A5
"Julie, go to bed!" Julie left the scene.
     A5              D5        E5            A5
"Now listen, Ma," I said, "I know the old routine.
A5                 D5            E5       A5
"I'll do what you like, but I shall be vexed
          A5                 D5         E5         A5
"And I'll bloody well go on strike if Grandma's next!"
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