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C#5                                      E5 
Been walking the dirt floor, my eyes are open Lord 
          A5                    G#5
Where did you go, have we just left you bored? 
C#5                 E5
On down this unholy well we rolled 
         A5               G#5
Stirring barrels in hell to be warm 

             A5                  E5
It's further back down than the high ground 
               B5               E5 
Ain't milk and honey, we're movin' round 
     A5            E5
Only one thing is certain 
That's everybody 
            C#5        C#5
Everybody's hurting 

C#5                                E5
We come from the country where the rain follows plow 
        A5                           G#5 
And the evenings are cold enough to pluck your feathers out 
C#5                  E5                A5
We hear your engines roaring deep and loud
As we work the mules on this bludgeoned ground

A5                  E5
We've hunted these hills dry
              B5                         E5
We've long outlasted the winter and our last wood pile
     A5            E5
Only one thing is certain 
That's everybody 
Everybody's hurting 

A5                        A5
Through rolling acres of boneyards we drift 
    E5                         E5
Our spirits' been broken been splintered to bits
A5                               A5 
Faith is believing what you see ain't so 
G#5                                 G#5
My sweetheart we've got to learn to live with these ghosts
G#5               G#5        
They can't leave; we can't...

A5   E5   B5   E5   

A5   E5   B5   C#5

C#5                         E5
We'd sell this valley if we could go north 
          A5                 G#5
Where the sun sets dripping buckets of gold 
C#5                                  E5                           
Through snow topped thunderheads and rows of wind clouds 
A5                                   G#5
Coming down this mountain how sweet salvation sounds 

         A5                    E5
With our hands out like lowly pilgrims 
       B5                        E5
As the old men death salute the young ones in
        A5                    E5
Already know what we're just learning 
That's everybody
            C#5         C#5
Everybody's hurting
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