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Capo IV

Intro (Using straight forward fingerpicking rolls, but you can vary this).

The chords for the first part of the intro are Am , F, G, Am (fifth fret):
e--------------------------------------------------------- | 
B--------1-------1-------3-------5------------------------ | 
G------2-------2-------4-------5-------------------------- | 
D----2-------3-------5-------7---------------------------- | 
A--0-------0-------0-------0------------------------------ | 
D--------------------------------------------------------- | 

The intro then moves back to open position C. With your picking hand, move the bass line
with your thumb and pick the treble strings with your first or second (or both)
fingers(again you can vary the picking pattern if you like as this is an approximation):

e------------------------------------------------- | 
B---------1----------1---------1---------1-------- | 
G-------0---0------0---0-----0---0-----0---0------ | 
D------------------------------------------------- | 
A----0----------3----------2---------------------- | 
E------------------------------------3------------ | 

The rest of the chords are as follows (I tried to put the changes where they occur, but
you can listen to the recordings and watch the videos to work out the exact timing):

A5                 F5    C5
I made a promise to not let go
                             G5           F5
Our tug of war has only made me want you more
           G5             C5          F5
Steeped in hard luck and doomed to roam
            G5                A5
My love is braver than you know

A5                   F5        C5
My forefathers, they worked this land
                                  G5           F5
And I was schooled in the tyranny of nature's plans
           G5         C5           F5
Dressed in thunder a cloud came around
                            G5           A5
Oh, in the shape of a lion a hand came down


A5                      F5        C5
Now, damn this valley and damn this cold
Well, take so long to let me know
A5                      F5    C5
It's plant and reap and plow and sow
C5                    E5
But tell me, will it grow?

Play the intro again before the next verse:

A5                      F5        C5
   Dig my ditches in the golden sun
                                    G5            F5
I'd be robbing these trains if I could catch me one
             G5         C5          F5
Now, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday's gone
                          G5             A5
Got me stone cold sober in a drought so long

Boarded mansions and ghost filled yards
There's a boy in a water tower counting cars
Steel trap open in empty stalls
Now there's a well-worn saddle but the horse is gone

Repeat Chorus

Break: A5 , G5 , C5 , G5 , F5

Jet black starlit midnight rolls
I am down in the garden where I let you go
Up on the surface the earth looks round
But it's a godless city of cold flat ground


(Use the same chords as in the break for the final refrains. The embellished "oh" sound
in "Will it Grow" moves right through the chord progression.)
         A5 , G5 , C5 , G5 , F5
Will it grow oh grow oh oh x2
Will it grow?

The last line is slightly more subdued than the preceding two, but the chords stay the same.

End on the intro.

A couple of the chords you might not be familiar with:

e--0------ | 
B--0------ | 
G--2------ | 
D--0------ | 
A--2------ | 
E--0------ | 

e--0------------ | 
B--1------------ | 
G--2------------ | 
D--3------------ | 
A--3------------ | 
E--------------- | 

C/B (This is really just a transition chord to get from Am to C, it's mostly just a
"walk-up" on the bass line:
e-------------- | 
B--1----------- | 
G--0----------- | 
D--0----------- | 
A--2----------- | 
E-------------- | 

Notes on the chords used in the break and final chorus:
A5 , G5 , C5 , G5 , F5
If you're a good fingerpicker, you can really embellish on the F chord here to find a
lot of the trademark notes. What I try to do is distill some of what the second guitar
plays into this little break. This is one of the only points where I deviate from 
Jakob's use of the F7M chord in order to free up the pinkie on my left hand to play some of the
other embellishment notes.
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