• Song:

    Riverboat Gambler

  • Artist:

    James Hyland

D5                      G5 
The riverboat gambler, he's tough and lean 
D5                                      A5 
He washes his warm beer down with them nasty sardines 
G5                      A5          D5            G5   
He's been wearing that cowboy hat for much too long 
D5               A5               G5              A5 
He hangs out in ole New Orleans, but when it's dawn 
D5                        G5  
He's out on the highway, headed for Lake Charles 
D5                               A5   
Riverboat gambler doesn't waste his little money in bars 
G5               A5              D5           G5 
He's playing ol blackjack tied off of pier one 
D5               A5          G5        A5 
He's hitting on seventeen, he's out having fun he says 

D5                 G5 
I'm the riverboat gambler 
D5                 G5 
I've got just one dream 
D5                 G5 
I'm gonna win the big one 
D5                 A5 
I'm gonna find my queen  
But every night's the same, he can't seem to win 

The cards don't fall right, them dice they ain't his friends 

He's always betting red, right when the ball falls black 

This old gambler knows there's no looking back, he says 
B5        A5        G5             D5    
Riverboat gambling that's all he knows 
B5           A5                         G5            A5  
He'll climb aboard that ship and he'll ride her wherever she goes
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