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CAPO on the second fret 

               VERSE 1

C5      G5                            C5      G5                
       Look off down the highway at the glittering lights
C5      G5           E5                     D5
       Like windshield glass on the shoulder tonight
               C5                    D5          E5
       As the diesels come  grinding on up from the plains
            G5                  C5           D5
       All bunched up like pearls on a string 
                   G5                            C5         G5
       And I guess time don't mean nothin' Not nothin' at all
C5       G5         E5                       D5
       And out on the horizon the broken stars fall
C5                             D5           E5
       Old broken stars they fall down on the land
            G5        C5              D5           G5
       And get mixed together with the lights of Cheyenne
                VERSE 2

C5           G5                          C5      G5    
       Well I've been up all night and I'm down on my back
C5   G5           E5                   D5                 
       Workin' the counter to take up the slack
                  C5                     D5               E5 
       Cause the money tree's light and the whiskey stream's low
           G5              C5           D5                               
       You ain't worked a week since July
                    G5                  C5     G5                  
       You say the gravel pit's hiring After the first
C5          G5              E5                     D5            
       But you don't have the nature for that kind of work
          C5                       D5             E5                  
       You might get hired on But you won't make a hand
                G5             C5           D5            G5           
       And I'll still be here lookin'  at the lights of Cheyenne

             You stand in the sky 
                       C5       G5              
             with your feet on the ground
             D5                 C5                     
             Never suspectin' a thing
             But if the sky were to
                            C5    G5              
             move you might never be found
             E5      G/f#       C5                   
             Never be heard from again

                   VERSE 3

C5      G5                           C5          G5           
       We go on good behavior when our youngest comes home
C5      G5             E5                         D5          
       She comes up from Boulder but she never stays long
                C5                       D5       E5             
       And that oldest still fights me like she was 18
              G5               C5           D5             
       Stopped in for a 6-pack awhile ago
                        G5                      C5        G5     
       And she's got a cowboy problem And this last one's a sight
C5      G5               E5                    D5        
       All dressed up like Gunsmoke for Saturday night
                     C5               D5           E5          
       And they were off to the bars for lack of a plan
       G5          C5        D5            G5                
       Racing the stars to the lights of Cheyenne

                 (little solo part goes here)

                 VERSE 4

C5             G5                      C5         G5         
       And you've kept all that meanness inside you so long
C5        G5            E5                             D5          
       You'd fight with a fence post if it looked at your wrong
                C5                       D5             E5         
       Well the post won't hit back, and it won't call the law
          G5                        C5           D5       
       I look at your right, or I don't look at all
                  G5                        C5      G5            
       Now take a crumpled up soft pack and give it a shake
C5   G5         E5                     D5       
       Out by the dumpster on a cigarette break
            C5                       D5           E5            
       With one eye swelled up from the back of your hand
               G5         C5        D5            G5                
       And the other eye fixed on the lights of Cheyenne

                - chorus-

                 VERSE 5

C5              G5                   C5          G5          
       Now there's antelope grazing in range of my gun
C5       G5                   E5            D5             
       Come opening weekend you won't see a one
               C5                     D5           E5          
       They'll vanish like ghosts `cause somehow they know
               G5                     C5            D5      
       But now they're up to the fence in the early dawn
                G5                    C5            G5        
       And it's warming up nicely for this time of year
C5      G5                E5                          D5        
       The creeks are still frozen but the roads are all clear
             C5                  D5            E5           
       And I don't have it in me to make one more stand
                G5          C5          D5            G5            
       Though I never much cared f or the lights of Cheyenne
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