• Song:

    Motors Too Fast

  • Artist:

    James Reyne

  • Album:

    Live in Rio

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Tom: A5

  ( A5 ) 
  He's just a local boy, Modelling for magazines 
  ( G5 )                           ( A5 ) 
  Nun-Chucka - Things are never quite as they seem 
  ( A5 ) 
  He's got throwing stars, He's got silver tops 
  ( G5 ) 
  Mamas grabbed her jewellery hidden in the bathroom 
  ( A5 ) 
  Calling the cops 
  Pre Chorus 
  ( C5 )                 ( C5 )            ( A5 ) 
  Give me somewhere to go dont give me train rides 
  ( C5 )                 ( C5 )            ( A5 ) 
  When the shops are all closed dont give me train rides 
  ( C5 ) 
  Never gave anyone the slightest notion 
  ( A5 ) 
  Never showed us that the call was cast 
  ( D5 ) 
  Mama dont want you, daddy dont want you 
  ( F5 )                         ( G5 ) 
  Your motors running way to fast 
  Now the mallways shuttered, hanging in the afternoon 
  Drink a little Vodka, Picking up the old man 
  Roundin him round in his room 
 repeat pre chorus and chorus
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