• Song:

    Knocking 'round The Zoo

  • Artist:

    James Taylor

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Main Riff (use wherever there is an A notated below): A / / / / | ------------------- | | --2--2------------- | | --2--2------------- | | --2--2--2-0-------- | | --0--0------3-0---- | | ----------------3-- |
A5 Just knocking 'round the zoo On a Thursday afternoon There's bars on all the windows And they're counting upon the spoons D5 If I'm feeling edgy A5 There's a chick who's paid to be my slave E5 But she'll hit me with a needle D5 A5 If she thinks I'm trying to misbehave Verse 1: A5 Now the keepers trying to cool me Says I'm bound to be alright I know that he can't fool me 'Cause I'm putting him uptight D5 I can feel him getting edgy Every time I make a sudden move E5 And I can hear him celebrating D5 A5 When I finally up and leave the room (Chorus) Verse 2: Now my friends they all come to see me They point at me and stare He's just like the rest of us So what's he doing in there? Now they hide in their movie theaters Drinking juice and keeping tight Better watch out for the bright light baby Because they're certain about one thing: The Zoo's no place to spend the night, no (Chorus)
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