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    Janez Detd

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Title     : Tonight
Artist    : Janez Detd
Capo      : none
Setting   : E-A-D-G-B-E

C                                       Em                                               
  Nearly broke the world around us, nearly teared down all our dreams
D  G                         C                                    Em
  in one split second,   now I?m sinking in this silence
                            F     D    G
I?m sinking in this song, I wrote just for you

F      C         G                    Am                      F    C      G              
Hold me and lay your head upon my shoulder, let your hand slip into mine
      F           G             C                    Am                        F         
 G             C        C
just hold me tight and let me in your arms tonight, just hold me tight....tonight

C                            Em                                    F         D   G
   have I ever really told ya, that never have I heard,   a laugh so honest?
C                        Em                                               F           D  
   seen anyone so gorgeous, with eyes that shine so bright,   not till I?d met you


C ? Am

Am                              Em                                               F
   I?ll kiss the ground u walk on, I?ll crawl down at your feet
                       C       G          F                                      Am
I?d give up forever, forgive me; hope that everytime u hear this
the tears that cried my name

will be long forgotten, swear I?ll be more cautious...

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