• Song:

    Crazy Times

  • Artist:

    Jars of Clay

  • Album:

    Furthermore: From the S...

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Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 15:17:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Darryl Kechnie 
Subject: Correction to "Crazy Times" - by Jars of Clay

Chords: "Crazy Times" - by Jars of Clay
>From the Album: "Much Afraid" (1997)
As Transcribed by: Jamie Ball, and Darryl Kechnie
Submitted by: Darryl Kechnie
Jars plays this song a couple of different ways. This is the album
version, not a live or the dove awards version.
NOTE: Any other Jars' songs that I have will only be posted to this site
first. If they're not here, I don't have the song. (with the exception
of "Art in Me").

Capo 2nd:
The Chords:
Cmaj7                   E                Dsus/F#
(x32003)               (022100)         (2x0230)
A2*                     C                 Am*
(x02203)               (x32010)         (x05500)
Bsus                    B7sus
(x24400)               (x24200)
G                       Em
(3x0033)               (022000)
D/F#                    Em/G
(2x0232)               (322000)

                   Crazy Times

Intro: Cmaj7 - Am* - Cmaj7 - Am* - Bsus

Verse 1:         Cmaj7   A2*        Cmaj7
                   You're cold that way
                       A2*            Cmaj7
                   And that's why you say
                       A2*             Bsus
                   The things that you say
                  Cmaj A2*   Cmaj7
                   You can't attract
                       A2*             Cmaj7
                   The things that you lack
                          A2*       G    D/F#
                   You're trying in vain

                  E   C          G         D/F#   E
                   It seems it's always the crazy times
                       C    G                  Am*    E
                   You find you'll wake up and realize
                       C    G              D/F#   Bsus
                   It takes more than your saline eyes
                   To make things right

Verse 2: (same as verse 1)
                   You spiral down
                   You've broken your crown
                   You don't feel like a queen
                   You've seen the proof
                   But you're still crying wolf
                   You'll never believe


                   You try to climb a broken ladder
                   Grip the missing rungs
                            Em    Dsus/F#  Em/G  Am*
                   And fall down, down,    down, down,
                   Seems sometime ago you said
                   This wouldn't last
                                        Bsus   B7sus
                   And now you sit here crying       (Ya-e-yea-a-ah!)

                   (guitar solo)
                    E - C - G - D/F# - E - C - G - Am*

Verse 3 - (intro): Cmaj7 - A2* - Cmaj7 - A2* - Bsus

              Cmaj7   A2*      Cmaj7
                   Beside your bed
                       A2*           Cmaj7
                   You feel left for dead
                       A2*          G    D/F#
                   You kneel in the dark...

(first part of chorus): E - C - G - D/F# - E - C - G - Am*

                  E   C     G              D/F#   Bsus
                   It takes more than your saline eyes
                   To make things right


Outro: Cmaj7 - A2* - Cmaj7 - A2* - Cmaj7 - B7sus

                  Written by Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Mark
Hudson, Greg Wells
                  Copyright 1997 BridgeBuilding Music (BMI)/
                  Pogostick Music (BMI)/Illegal Music (BMI)/
                  Beef Puppet Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

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