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    Jars of Clay

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    Furthermore: From the S...

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Mark Joseph

This song is featured on his album scream. I heard it and it was real easy.
You probably heard it on the Smallville Episode Lucy. I think it was really
made for the piano but oh well. I'm pretty sure this is right. Here it goes:

Capo 1
*If you don't want/have a capo Chords are:
G = G#
F#m = Gm
E = F
A = A#


Intro G F#m x3 E---F#m
G    F#m
Can I be a friend 
G        F#m
With you to the end
G     F#m           E                 F#m
Cos I know it's written in the wind
G        F#m
Take me to higher ground
G        F#m
Come on! Steal the sound
G      F#m      E                  F#m
Cos I know it's written in the wind
Written in the wind
Written in the wind

              G   F#m    G  F#m    G   F#m
You've got to f--l--y, h--i-g--h, r-i-g-h-t
It's written in the wind (x2)
F#m  G
---Written in the wind
Written in the wind
A(let ring)

(same as fist vs)
Did I jump a gun
Cos you've come undone
And that's written in the wind
You're going underground
It feels not allowed
That I suppose that
I'll be back again
I'll you back again
I'll be back again 


End with a repeating G and F#m
--That's it--

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