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hey guys this is my first tab i hope u liike it
Capo: 1st fret

Intro: G, D, Bm, A
Oh oh oooh oohh yeh yeh yeh yeeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeheyeh

G           D       Bm             A          
You are the one who makes it worth waking up in the morning 
G             D   Bm               A
Ill trade the sun for a chance to show you all that i am 
G                D
WE could be like Jay and beyonce`
Bm               A
Bonnie and Clyde us like a movie
Take that chaannnce on love yeh yah
A                           G
Now i cant predict what the future hold
A                         G        A
But i'll fight forever to keep you close yeah
ill give it all up baby
trade in the world to shoow im
Im fallleenn yeh

(so basicly the verses are G,D,Bm,A)
(and the bride is A,G              )
( and the chorus is D,A,Em,G       )
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