Dm            G/B            C
Jacob really longed to be a hero
Dm             G/B          C
All I really wanted was a friend
         Bb                  G/B
I'm the way, the life, the truth
             C           Dm      C/E  F
So tell Me Jacob when will the lying end?
               Dm      C/E       F
And does the striving make you strong?
Bb                      G/B     C
Because when I came to love on you
      Dm        C/E      G
You fought me till the dawn

Pre Chorus:
Dm       C/E           D/F#
Finally Jacob's lying down
               G            Asus
And while he sleeps I will dream
      Dm        C/E                  D/F#
Of a generation not known for their crowns,
     G            Asus
Or success, but a King...
          Dm              C/E         D/F#  
Who was not so much as interested in crowds,
            G                Asus
Or pleasing men, but knowing Me

Bb            G/B        C          Dm C/E   F       G 
I have given Jacob's generation the key of David, intimacy
Bb               G/B            C          
To open up the doorway to the nations, 
      Dm    C/E F               G         Bb  G/B C Dm C/E F Gsus G
And release revelation, of intimacy, with me

Verse 2:
Jacob had a dream for all the ages
Jacob had a drive to build a nation
But the fighting is in vain
If your only aim is to build your own great name

Because My dream's not what you do
Jacob will you dream for me
The way that I have dreamed for you
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