• Song:

    Raise Your Hand

  • Artist:

    Javier Colon

  • Album:

    Come Through For You

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Bm                            G
tired of emotions weighing you down 
            D                   A
the fight is all gone from your eyes 

Bm                        G
the dark skies will open but you?re gonna drown
G                    A
waiting for lightning to strike
               D                    A
so just look around and you?ll see yourself in   
  G                 A
faces you don?t even know and you?ll find   
Bm               A
out that you?re not alone 

                 Bm                       G
if you?ve ever felt like you?re falling apart raise   
       D               A
your hand, raise your hand and if you?ve   
Bm                      G
ever felt that life?s breaking your   
                   D              A
heart raise your hand,raise your hand everyone   
Bm                    D
bleeds and everyone hurts but if   
                   G                    A
you think you?re alone it just makes it worse 
so if you?ve ever felt like   
                G                 D                A
you?re falling apart raise your, hand raise your hand 

   Bm                          G                  D
you?re frayed at the edges trying to take cover under the   
                A               Bm
mess that we?ve made through all of this   
               G                         D
 madness the damage wive suffered is the one thing that   
we can?t escape 

I know that you think  
that the world just forgets 
D                               A
but look to the sky you?ll see hand silhouettes
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