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Include the non-capo version in brackets ( from Letterman Show)

Save it for a Rainy Day - Jay hawks (Capo on 4th fret)

B  (G)                Cm (Am) 
Pretty little hairdo, don't do what it used to
E (C)                                                      B(G)     
Can't disguise the living, all the miles that you've been through
Looking like a train wreck, wearing too much make-up
The burden that you carry is more than one soul could ever bear


         Cm  (Am)             E  (C)
(So sad) Don't look so sad Marina
B(G)                   F# (D)
There's another part to play
         Cm (Am)          E (C)  
(So sad) Don't look so sad Marina
G#m (Em)           C# (A)  E (C)            B (G)  
Save it for a rainy day, Save it for a rainy day 

You never make your mind up, driving with your eyes shut
Rough around the edges won?t someone come and take you home
Waiting for a breakthrough, what will you set your mind to
We stood outside the Chinese restaurant in the rain


Harmonica Solo  (Verse Chords)  

Guitar Solo (Verse chords played throughout)


End with 

E(C)           F#(D)  B(G) Twice
Save it for a Rainy Day
First Tab by mob923@yahoo.com - Wash your Arms!
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