• Song:

    Love Whiplash

  • Artist:

    Jayme Dee

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capo 2fret :)
G                      Em
i never know if your serious,
G                      Em
its all so vague and mysterious,you and me
Am                                D
just when i think were on solid ground
Am                                  D
you pull the rug out and knock me down
G                                Em
are you just tryin' to play with me
G                         Em
do you get joy from my misery, id like to think
Am                                  D
its just a phase and we'll work it out,
Am                               D
but you keep jerking my heart around

now ive got a classic case of love whiplash you push me off and then you pull me back, 
please could you tell me if your being sincere cause darlin i cant stand to cry another 
tear...same chords throughout the song..i think..sorry i just went by ear,hope this helps. :D
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