• Song:

    In Love With Another Man

  • Artist:

    Jazmine Sullivan

  • Album:


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Hey guys this is my first tab so please give feedback hope you like it.

Each cord is strummed 2x just listen to the sung it's easy to pick up, and using BAR 
CHORDS makes for a simple progression up the fret board.

Chord: A, G, F#, F, F#m, Fm

       A              G
If I could... could forget him
    F#               F
I would... please believe me
                    A                G
And I know that I should throw the towel in
               F#           F
But baby it's not... not that easy, hey
A                                Gm
You treat me so much better than him
              F#m                    Fm
And if I was sane there'd be no competition
     A        Gm               A     Gm
But I'm in love with someone else
                F#m     Fm
And I'm so sorry, hey, hey
       A                      Gm
I'm in love with another man
                        F#m      Fm
And I know it ain't right, hey, hey

Juts repeat this progression throughout the song.
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