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From: "nathan bodey" 
Subject: CRD:leaving home by Jebediah
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 19:39:43 PST


       "LEAVING HOME" from album "Slightly Oddway"

transcribed by Nathan Bodey 

tuned to Eb


G             C                              D
Were you laughed at by your friends

Bm7                    E                      A
or were you lost for words when everybody

            C                           G
finally told you what they thought


A                    C                     G
Ohhh was it something that I ate

A                 C                      G
Ohhh didn't even touch my plate

A             C                       G
Ohhh suddenly I'm feelin' great

A                      C    (dist.) Bb   G
Do you let me know

CHORUS (dist.)

G5         C5        B5        E5
Leaving Home  life was never good to me

G5         C5        B5            E5          D5
Leaving Home  I smell the morning air

G5          C5        B5           E5
Leving Home  Life was never good t

B5           C5                      D#5    G5   D5  G
You can work it out we're leaving home

VERSE2 (same clean chords as verse 1)
Bridge     (same clean chords as bridge 1)
Chorus    (same dis as chorus)

C5    D5     B5     E5     D5        X2

C5    D5       B5    E5
Oh I like the life I find
D5     C5         D5        B5      E5
When I leave everyhting behind
D5 C5       D5           B5          E5   D5
I hope I'm sure I've made my mind to
C5                 D5
Go      Leave home


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