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Title: A Friend
Artist: Jed Madela

Intro: F , C , Eb , Dm ,
       G , Am , G , C ,
       Bb , C

 F                               C         A7 
I've still been searching and long have I waited

      Dm           Dm7  BbM7    Gm                     
For someone to like me as me to laugh with

    G#dim7       F        D7     
To cry with, to be just beside with

  G6      G+5         C9-C 
A friend that's who I need

To fight with, make up with

    C              A7           Dm           Dm7         BbM7    
To know that you need them, believing that they need you too

     Gm              G#dim7         
To walk hand in hand with, 

  F         D7
To argue to talk with

 Gm          C       F -Fsus-F
a friend that's who I need

   BbM7     F      BbM7     F           
And Even though, I make mistakes

  BbM7      F         Gm-C      BbM7    F 
And never do anything right, a smile, a hug

       BbM7     F        BbM7            C            D-Eb
Can change all that, and everything will be alright ooh...

   A#                        Eb               C7  
Someone who'll share all, my dreams and ambitions

       Fm                 D#       
Someone who'll love me as me

 Bbm         Bbdim7
I need this person

   A#       F7           Bbm      Eb       A# F 
Someone to rely on, A friend that's who I need

   Bbm      Eb        A#
A friend that's who I need
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