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Title:          Can Find No Reason
Artist:         Jed Madela
Album:          Songs Rediscovered 2

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Intro B , Ebm , E , G , E
      B , B , E ,G , E  Hold

 B                E
Night me passed me by

   F#              Ebm    Abm
Dreaming of holding you tonight

     C#m               F#
But emptiness surrounds me

 B                E         F#           Ebm     Abm                      
Love say you'll be mine, Love you till the end of time

     Dbm           G#
Don't say goodbye now


B                    E
Reason can find no reason

           B                C#m
While I'm longing for your touch

          B                   C#m
And your embracing be mine tonight

  B                  E            B
Reason you are the reason for my being

You're the thought

            B        F#      B--E-G-E
Of all my dreams you're my love

          B             E
Oh my Love say you'll be mine

 F#                Ebm      Abm
I'll hold you in my arms tonight

 C#               F#
Don't leave me dreaming

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
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