• Song:

    The Fire Of Love

  • Artist:

    Jody Reynolds

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Fire Of Love:Jody Reynolds.
#66 on Rock Charts on DEMON Records
in 1958.


E (022100@1)                                           AmThe (x02210@1)fire of love is burning deep..the fire of love..
             Ewon't (022100@1)let me sleep.
       Am (x02210@1)                        EmOh, (022000@1)my love, hear this, my plea, because of you it's 
Bm (x24432@1)    Eburning (022100@1)me.

E (022100@1)                                      
The sun beats down with it's fiery glow..knows I won't 
Am (x02210@1)            Esee..my (022100@1)love no more.
          Am (x02210@1)                         EmI'm (022000@1)sorry for the things I've done..forgive me, dear..
   Bm (x24432@1) Emy (022100@1)only one.

E (022100@1)                                               AmMy (x02210@1)baby's back..once more she's mine..to have and hold..
           E (022100@1) 
til end of time.
                Am (x02210@1)                    Em (022000@1)               
The moon shines down from up above..its light to cool..
    Bm (x24432@1)    Ethe (022100@1)fire of love.

EThe (022100@1)fire of love..the fire of love..the fire of love..(Fade.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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