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Eastbourne Ladies (Kevin Coyne - 1973 on the album marjory razorblade)
Tabbed by Seb the Koala
Dx13  Cx3 D...

Verse (D  C  D)
You're always on your own, sitting on those seaside chairs on your own,
C                               D(m)    
Everybody there just passes you by
Nobody seems to care if you flash your underwear, no, I don't tell no lie
Your vested days are done now you know you're on the run, oh lady why why?
Your white and powdered face, you need some holy grace to pull yourself right back again

Chorus (Bb  D  Bb  D  Eb  D):
Bb                                            D
Eastbourne Ladies with your hair done up so nice
Bb                                     D            Eb     D
Eastbourne Ladies with your tea and lemon ice, lemon ice, lemon ice

Verse (D  C  D)
I think you need something new but you don't know just what to do, croquet on the lawn yet again
You smile at passing boys, you can't offer any joys, you don't understand young men
Got your money in the bank, money in the bank, now let's be franck, I want more than ten thousands pounds
I want everything you've got, I want the lot, give me give me give me give me all you got,
oh help me, I need some, I'm so poor now

Chorus (Bb  D  Bb  D  Eb  D):

Verse (D  C  D)
So I wander round the town looking into rooms for you up and down, I see you everywhere
I believe I have choice, I believe I made my choice, come here old lady ??
Fifty years upon the beach, you should be tanned by now, you're out of reach, I hope I don't bring you down
Everything special about you, your pearls, your jewels and your money too, oh do you wear a crown
when you go to bed now?

Chorus (Bb  D  Bb  D  Eb  D):

Verse (D  C  D)
So now the day is done, the sun disappears and it starts to run
Oh the darkness creeps around
Moonlight sings and moonlight dreams, nothing to see, you make me ??
As I watch you tottering round this town
Nobody there, nobody there to care, you're ??, who really cares
I'll hold you tight maybe, maybe for a year
When the day, the day is done, all my heart it starts to run
Overflows on your plate, you'd better eat it all, eat it, eat it, eat it

Chorus (Bb  D  Bb  D  Eb  D):
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