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The Score
Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright © 2003 Kevin M. Thomas

Am F G E C G6 G
(Single Strum)
G                                 C 
Breaking ground on the newest thunder; 
G                                C  A      C A C A C A C A C
the pressures on, what do you contemplate? 
G                                   C
To then compete with the fleshly wonder;
G                      C  A      C A C A C A C A                        
the ultimate in vanity prevails. 

(Single Strum)
G                                  C 
Now's your chance to advance in status;
G                                 C A       C A C A C A C A C 
what's the cost but a lifetime of betrayal. 
G                                 C    
Bleeding fast from the lack of reason;
G                              C   A       C A C A C A C A 
torn apart by the offspring of the season. 

   Am                                   F                    
We waste our life on passions that bear fruit of emptiness;
    G                                        E      C G6 G
the taste of greed, the seed that breeds but death. 
    Am                                  F
The game begins, who's team your on and where are all my friends;
    G                                      E     C G6 G 
but then who's keeping score when twilight ends?
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