• Song:

    Only God Knows Why

  • Artist:

    Kid Rock

  • Album:

    Live Trucker

Kid Rock, only god knows why.
Tabbed by Lukas Payro, Rubbersoul200@hotmail.com.
Title: Only god knows why
Artist: Kid Rock
Tabbed by: Lukas Payro
Email: Rubbersoul200@hotmail.com

Ok this wonderful number is done with
Standard tuning   E,A,D,G,B,e
Chords used are  E,B,A,D,C#m,F#m  and thats
it, plus this song sounds neat on
a Piano.  But here it is.

I;ve benn[E]sitting here
Trying to[B]find myself
I get be[A]hind myself
I need to re[E]wind myself

Looking for the Payback
Listen for the[B]playback
They say that[A]everyman bleeds 
Just like[E]me

Now I feel like number one
Yet I'm[B]last in line
I watch my[A]youngest son
It helps to[E]pass the time

I take too many pills 
it helps to[B]ease the pain
I made a couple[A]dollar bills
but still I[E]feel the same

Everybody knows my name
The say it[B]way out loud
Alot of folks[A]fuck with me
It's hard to hang[E]out in crowds

I guess thats the price you pay
To be a[D]big shot like i am 
[A]Out skirt stands and one night stands
[E]Still I can't find love   C#m

[F#m]And when your walls come tumbling down  C#m
I will[F#m] always be[A]around

(solo) E,B,D,A,E  twice    C#m

[F#m]And when your walls come tumbling down  C#m
I will[F#m]always be[A]around

[E]People  don't[B]know about the things I say and do
They don't[D]under[A]stand about the shit that[E]I've been through
Its been[B]so long since I've been home
I've been[A]gone....I've been gone for[E]way too long
[E]Maybe I[B]forgot all things I miss

Ohh somehow I[A]know theres more to life than[E]this
I said it too many times
And I still stand[B]firm
You get[A]what you put in
And people get what they[E]deserve

Still i aint seen mine
No I aint seen[D]mine
I've been[A]giving just aint been getting
I've been walking down that[E]line
So I think I'll keep on walking
With my[B]head held high
I'll keep[A]moving and only[E]god knows why
Only[A]God knows[E]why
Only[E]god...[E]knows..[A]why why why[E]only god knows why  D   A

Take me to the[E]rivers...edge  D  A
take me to the[E]river...hey hey hey  D  A
D  A   E

well thats about it send me all feedback

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