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    You Cant See Me Because Im A Stalker

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Killola, what a great band. Check them out here: http://www.killola.com/

A lovely song, but quite morbid if you listen to the words.


I could wait here all night for you
Though it's getting mighty cold outside
                         Bm                A
When all I can think is "Are you with that other one?"
 Two years have gone by
   gone by myself
All my wasted time all my rehearsed lines
     Bm             A
This can't go on forever

D     G             Bm       A
Silly one, can't outrun your shadow
D    G      Bm         A
Even in the darkest of nights
When your shades are all drawn
that's when I know you're home
      Bm                A
and I like to watch you sleep
    G7                     F#7
But outside I won't be for long

D - F#7 - G7 - Bm - A

Today is my birthday
The greatest day that you never knew about
I blow out my candles one by one, oh how can you be so fucking dumb?
Bm                  A   
This gonna hurt you just like it hurts me

  Because I'm losing my patience
And believe me you wouldn't like me mad
If I don't get what I want right here, you won't be breathing next year
   Bm               A
If I can't have you nobody gets to

(Same chords as first chorus)

Sorry boy, can't outrun your shadow
Even in the darkest of nights
When your shades are all drawn
that's when I know you're home
and I love to watch you sleep
But outside I've been here too long
Outside I've been here too long

(Time signature change - from swinging 4/4 to straight 6/8)

Em             A        D                             G 
  It's time to die now, go to sleep, don't be scared, here I come love
Em           A
  It's time to die now
D             G
  I'm right behind you (x3)
Bm           G
  So nice to meet you
Bm           A       D
  To finally meet you
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