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    Kimya Dawson

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    Remember That I Love Yo...

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Title: Underground
Kimya Dawson
tabbed by Sara

Very very simple, which is part of the reason Kimya is so wonderful. This is all by ear, 
feel free to augment at will.

C                       G
My head is pounding, I can't stop the pounding
Am                      F
I think it is going to explode
C                    G
And kill everybody who's in close proximity
Am                      F
to the place I call my home

etc. etc.

C           G               Am     F
So I tattoo instructions on my ass
C                    G       Am         F
That say don't ever put this body in a casket
C         G          Am     F
Burn and put the ashes in a basket
C           G        Am       F
And throw it in the Puget sound
C            G        Am       F
I don't ever want to be underground
C      G           Am F
Oh no, Oh no

etc. etc.
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