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To Be With You Again
Level 42
Running in The Family 1987

Dm7 G 

A4 A C F x4

Dm7                        Am7
I've been making moves in chains
Wrapped around my hollow heart
      Dm        C     Bb  
the thought of you remains.

I can't replace your face
no matter how I try
    Em                       A7
And in the night I cry from wanting you

You know I thought I could not lose
America was calling me
You said I must choose between a
life of love or visions
that will fade
And now the choice is made
I am so lonely

( C )      Bb     Ab    
Can you feel me
         G       C
reaching out to you?       
         Bb   F
I'm so lonely
         Bb   Eb Bb/D     C
are you lonely       too?
               Bb     F   
I would give anything
                  Bb   Eb Bb/D C
to make you understand
                  Bb     Ab
That I would go anywhere 
to be with you again

Heaven help me if you can
I remember better days
but now I understand
You can't buy happiness
love is not for sale
The night is turning pale
and I'm needing you

I've tried to talk the time away
Empty ears aren't listening
to one word I say
The dream became a big
machine out of control
And here inside my soul I am so lonely

Where are you now when I need you so?
I'm so lonely
I need you to know
I would give anything to
make you understand
And I would go anywhere to
be with you again

( Dm7 )  G              A4 A  C F Dm7
I was standing in the rain
       G                   A4 A  C F Dm7
I was trying to break the chains
       G               A4 A  C F Dm7
I was calling out your name
          G           A4 A  C F 
I need to be with you again      baby

Dm7 Am7 C Dm C 

Bb F Em A7

Chorus to fade...
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