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    Barrel Of A Gun

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This is Barrel of a gun from the levellers album 'A weapon called the word.'

  I cant remember all of the words .. but it's only 3 chords really anyway..
     It starts off with left hand muting ..
     Put your index finger over the third fret ...This is the part counted 
     like 1 ..2 ..3 .4 ..  It then starts with an Aminor..
     At the start of every bar do a 'pull off' with your first finger ..
     then 'hammer on' again in the same place .. 
     Then the left hand muting starts again ... its not very easy
     to describe it .. but its easy enough if you listen to the song.
     1 ..2 ..3 ..4 
     The lyrics are ....
                         C5         G5        A5           
      In a strange land far ---- from these shores,
                                   C5          G5       A5      
      lay two men and a woman ... killed ---- by the law----
      C5                             G5                
      No matter what country---- .. No matter how far---
      C5                 G5        A5                        A5 
      You can't get any justice, no , from the barrel of a gun.
      Sorry i can't remember all of the lyrics..
      I hope you can work it out easily .. if not e-mail me
      or if i am logged on ... try a talk request!!.
      at cs5133@ccub.wlv.ac.uk
      or cs5133@scitsc.wlv.ac.uk

"Barrel of the gun"
By the Levellers
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