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    On Way

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This is ONE WAY ... by the levellers ...

 The first track on the 'Levelling the Land' album..
 It is in 4/4 timing and the chords are as follows ...
                Bm    D       E         A          G         D            
   There's only one  way  of life  and thats your own, your own 
   your own........
     Play 1 bar of each chord .. 4/4 timing
       D  D  F  G  D  D  F  

  Then the first verse starts ....
    G      D
        My father, when i was younger took me up on to the hill ......
                    F                          G                   
        that looked down on the city smog and above the factory spill.
            D                                                        F 
        Now this is where i come, when i want to be free ... Well he never
        was in his life time .. and these words stuck with me ...
            Hey ....
       Then it repeats the same chords ie (DFG a few times...)
       And thats the whole song ... wow .. that was hard ...
       The rest of the lyrics are like this : -
       And so i ran from all of this,
       and i climbed the highest hill
       and i looked down onto my life,
       above the factory spill.
       And i looked down onto my life,
       as the family discrace,
       then all my friends on the starting
       line , their wages off to chase,
       Yes, and all my friends and all their
       jobs and all this bloody waste..
       Theres only one .. way of life ..
       and thats your own ....... etc
       Well, well ,well 
       I grew up learned to love and laugh,
       circled A's on the underpass..
       the noise we thought would never
       stop .. 
       died a death as the punks
       grew up .. 
       and we choked on all our dreams,
       we wrestled with our fears..
       were running through the heartless concrete streets..
       chasing our ideas.. run!
       And all the problems of the Earth..
       wont be solved by this guitar,
       and they wont stop coming either
       by the life i've had so far...
       And the bright lights of my home
       town, wont be getting any dimmer ..
       though their calling has receded
       like some old and distant singer.
       And they dont look so appealing
       to the eyes of this poor sinner..
       Chorus (twice)
       As you can see .. Its just such a difficult song its unbelievable...
       well maybe not .... 
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